We serve your needs with courteous, professional and well trained staff who deliver a quick and accurate service. We maintain strict service levels ensuring that all calls are answered promptly and customers are not left on hold listening to stale music, when all they really want to do is place a quick order.

We accept orders by phone, fax and EDI. Our order entry application provides up-to-the-minute order status so the information is at our staff’s fingertips. If a customer has an order status question, our team has the answers they need.

Product and service information is always on offer and more often than not our staff have the answers on the spot. If not, we communicate enquiries to the relevant persons and get back to the customer as soon as possible with the answer. Customers will never have to chase us. We work closely with our suppliers to maintain up-to-date information on all our products and we train our call center team so they can effectively share that information with those who need it.

In those rare instances where we receive a complaint, we pay attention. You can rest assured that it will receive immediate action and it will get resolved to the customer’s complete satisfaction.